Nemesis Paintball Academy

Nemesis Paintball Academy

Nemesis paintball team was formed in late 2005 with a combination of several players from a few different teams in Malaysia. They are one of the top 3 teams in Malaysia, wining several overall league champions for some years.

Nemesis have several learning programs and courses at MTZ. Ranging from young team development to the advance team trainings and individual 1 on 1 skill honing classes.

For those that have passed the beginner stage and are ready to enter the realm of the advance to be a serious “go getter” there are special formulated series of trainings to take you to the next level. To know what is that extra edge needed not only to defeat the opposition, but to psychologically destroy him in the process. To increase your flexibility, reaction speed and game related vision.  Call in, make an appointment to access your level or if you are a beginner come in for a short brief on how we can help you.

Development of new and young teams. If you are fortunate to be below 23 in academic studies or not working yet, we have special semi sponsored programs to help you form into teams of our care and bring you to tournaments.


Routine Schedules

This schedule runs each week, unless there is a tournament on or it’s a long public holiday. Refer to our facebook page for the latest updates. Special skills training such as snake side, dorito side etc. etc. will be announced before event day.

  • Every first Sunday of the month – Introduction to Competitive Paintball (by Academy Principal and coaches).
  • Every other Sundays are training and coaching days.
  • Saturdays are better for personal team coaching or personal 1 on 1 coaching.


How to Join

  • If you or your team are new to competition, come on any first Sunday of the month and we will guide you along.
  • If you are looking for that next level or want to sharpen your edge, just make a contact to anyone on the contact list below.
  • You don’t have a team, you are alone or with a couple of your friends. Just come in on any Sunday or contact someone on the list below.


What does it cost

  • Sunday’s Introduction to Competitive Paintball does not cost anything.
  • As and when you pickup a coach, a small denomination is required to cover some l cost. Refer to our coaches for the fees.