Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide to Paintball and Preparation for Play

  1. Wear long sleeve t shirt, long pants, track shoes (compulsory) and a cap. Wear the cap on top of the safety paintball mask (which is provided). Always remember – do not remove your face mask while in the playing field.
  2. Bring along sweat towel to wrap around your neck for extra protection.
  3. We have showers at our field, do BYO towels and shampoo.
  4. Every participant will need to fill out a indemnity form which will be given to you on site.
  5. Stretch before your first game play.
  6. You MUST hydrate before you dehydrate. Drink at least 500ml of water before you start playing, if you feel thirsty during the game and look for water then its too late. You will dehydrate and most problem start to get cramps. Drink more after each game even if you don’t feel thirsty especially in tropical hot weather.


Healthy Paintball Practice

Playing paintball can drain all your energy, so be prepared to endure it. After a game, players are often too tired and may experience body sores and cramps. Being more fit will counter these after effects. A 10 min stretching exercise, hydrate yourself properly, isotonic drinks will help you from being over exhausted and getting cramps.

Paintball will require you to sprint in different directions while lugging around a paintball gun and with all the safety gear. Strength is considerable in carrying all these extra weight with you. Paintball is not concerned only with running. You also do crawling, diving, sprinting and shooting. All these factors will create Adrenaline and this causes increase heart rate, increase respiratory rate and muscle contraction. To avoid producing too much Adrenaline, do as the above “prep for play” and try not to rush around too much. Most regular players take the game in a calm manner, the walk up to a bunker instead of sprinting to it, take a breath or two once you have reached your spot and have enough rest before starting your second game (at least 20 mins for beginners).